Enter the DOC world

Enter into the world of Ducati. Join a DOC or establish one
A DOC is a unique opportunity, for both those who join up and those who decide to establish one of their own. The Ducati Owners Club programme means enjoying a privileged, direct relationship with Ducati and exclusive benefits for the president and members, who become part of a worldwide network of clubs that share the same passion for Ducati.

A DOC's goal is to become a Ducati ambassador in the local area, offering its members the chance to take their passion for Ducati bikes to a new level, thanks to exclusive activities and the sharing of new experiences.

Becoming an Official Club member means being a key player.
A key player of passion that unites so many DUCATI fans across the world; enjoy exclusive privileges that allow you to experience DUCATI in a totally unique way. It means living at the centre of your passion and expressing it wholeheartedly, sharing it with others who, wherever they are in the world, have the same outlook as you. 

As a DOC (Desmo Owners Club) member you will have access to thousands of opportunities created for you by Ducati, such as track days and exclusive events, and you can even take advantage of special discounts. You will enjoy special treatment, always, in every situation. All of this and much more.