How a Ducati becomes a masterpiece


The design? Back to basics.

Breathtaking, impeccable attention to detail, always. Ducati motorcycles have a look that is unmistakable; their design is one of the key driving forces behind their stunning success, their style ensuring they stand out at motorcycle shows, in the paddocks and - above all - on roads worldwide.

Everything stems from a renewed strategic focus on product development.
In keeping with the "back to basics" philosophy, the brand's characterising elements -inspiring design, attention to detail, performance, outstanding engines, pure riding enjoyment and awesome braking (with the use of Brembo brakes "imported" from MotoGp and F1) - have once again become the heart of new motorcycle development.

Reduced weight, a real obsession for Ducati designers, also makes a key contribution to ensuring that Ducatisti always get motorcycles which handle perfectly and are a joy to ride.
It takes three years for a new motorcycle to get from the drawing board to the showroom. Over 1000 days of painstaking attention to detail: every single component must be lighter than the last and, gram by gram, the weight loss can amount to as much as 10 kilograms.

Then, as part of a component optimization policy, there is a sharp focus on the aesthetics of the individual parts, even those which are not directly visible!