Ducati Caffè


Coffee, food, wine, merchandising and apparel meet in a unique, welcoming place offering good emotions, events and style.

The Ducati Caffè is Ducati's new concept restaurant and lounge bar. In an ambiance pervaded with Italian talent, Ducati Caffè manages to convey all of the brand's values in a celebration of style, appeal and authenticity.
Here, every detail is loaded with significance, imbued with the values of an Italian motorcycling icon to create a unique, involving ambience.

In addition to transmitting the content of the Ducati brand and boosting its popularity even further, the Ducati Caffè aims to provide a meeting point for all those who have, or dream of having, a Ducati motorcycle.
To attract that core of enthusiasts andother visitors the Ducati Caffè provides unparalleled attention to quality in an extraordinary top-fl ight ambience.

A fundamental aspect of this approach is the establishment of a food area that is impeccably professional yet informal and friendly.
Whether ‘background' or live, the music inside the Ducati Caffè is always pleasurable, never intrusive, and doesn't prevent the Ducatisti from talking about, without having to shout, their latest travels or the performance of their Multistrada 1200.

The "food and beverage" core is complemented by merchandising and the latest Ducati brand apparel and products in the "shop in shop" area.

With its modern, sporty atmosphere, the Ducati Caffè provides the customer with traditional flavours and wrap-around colour sensations that, with taste and style, generate an unmatched emotive impact that emerges in every detail: an area to browse through international magazines, internet surfi ng Wi-Fi and LCD screens.
From breakfast to lunch, from dinner to the evening and as a venue for special events such as wine tasting and presentations, the Ducati Caffè is a perfect blend of food authenticity, creative gastronomic combinations and painstaking attention to detail.
The perfect place for those seeking emotion and harmony and, above all, passion and gusto for all things fine.

Two Ducati Caffès have opened so far, one in Rome and the other in Seoul, but several more openings are planned for the Middle east, Far East and the USA.
Moreover, the company has reserved itself a smallscale "taste" of Ducati Caffè style by setting up, at its Bologna-based production plant, its own Ducati Caffè Factory.

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