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Ducati Ever Red

Your Ducati is a work of art that deserves to be treated as such. But no matter how carefully you ride, the inevitable can happen at any time. The Ducati Ever Red program is here to protect your new Ducati for years to come with a suite of protection products, all while having your convenience and security in mind. Ride confidently knowing that your motorcycle's beauty and performance is protected, while your out-of-pocket costs are minimized. Talk with your Ducati Dealer today to select the options that are right for you.

Ducati Ever Red includes:

Vehicle Service Protection
A world-class motorcycle deserves first-rate protection. Ducati Vehicle Service Protection helps protect you from unanticipated expenses and the costs that come with them. How? By delivering benefits beyond your factory warranty program, with coverage options for mechanical repairs that include parts and labor up to five years with unlimited miles during the coverage term1. Pay nothing on covered repairs other than the deductible you select. Download the brochure

Theft Protection
In the event someone steals your Ducati, your insurance policy may not cover your loss completely. It is possible your insurance may only cover your motorcycle’s actual cash value at the time of the theft. Which leaves you liable for other expenses like your insurance deductible, various fees, sales tax, and down payment for your replacement motorcycle. Download the brochure.

Tire & Wheel Protection
Ducati Tire & Wheel Protection helps keep your bike moving along where it rightfully belongs. If your tires or wheels are ever damaged due to road hazards such as metal, nails, glass, debris, or potholes, we’ll replace them for up to seven years. Ducati Tire & Wheel Protection can help keep your new bike moving at full-throttle. Download the brochure.

Guaranteed Asset Protection
Ducati Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) covers the difference between your primary insurance settlement and the outstanding balance on your motorcycle’s financing, and provides coverage for your insurance deductible, subject to the terms and conditions of the program2. Lean in and learn how to steer clear of the gap. Download the brochure.

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1 Vehicle Service Protection coverage runs concurrently with any applicable manufacturer’s warranties.

2 The GAP Addendum will only provide a waiver benefit only for the Covered Motorcycle. If more than one vehicle and/or accessories are financed on the same Finance Agreement/Revolving Line of Credit/Equity Line/Credit Card (“Finance Agreement”), then the outstanding balance will be reamortized as if the Covered Motorcycle were the only vehicle financed. No coverage is provided for other vehicles or accessories financed on the same Finance Agreement as the Covered Motorcycle.

All transactions related to the optional Ducati Ever Red program are governed solely by the provisions of the applicable Customer Agreement. This page and its contents provide general information about the Ducati Ever Red program and should not be solely relied upon when purchasing coverage. Please refer to the applicable Ducati Ever Red program Customer Agreement for details of terms, conditions, and specific coverage details, including limitations and exclusions, transferability, and cancelability. Coverage may vary by state. Not all vehicle models may be eligible for coverage. Please see your Dealer for more information. This product is not required for you to obtain financing for the purchase of a vehicle.

The Obligor of Vehicle Service Protection included in the Ducati Ever Red program is VWFS Protection Services, Inc., 2200 Ferdinand Porsche Drive, Herndon, VA 20171, 1 (844) 368-6418, except in Florida where the Obligor is VWFS Protection Services FL, Inc., Florida License Number 29864, 2200 Ferdinand Porsche Drive, Herndon, VA 20171, 1 (844) 368-6418.

The Administrator of Vehicle Service Protection included in the Ducati Ever Red program is Safe-Guard Products International, LLC, Two Concourse Parkway, Suite 500, Atlanta, GA 30328, 1 (844) 368-6418, except in Florida where the Administrator is Safe-Guard Warranty Corporation, Florida License Number 60126, Two Concourse Parkway, Suite 500, Atlanta, GA 30328, 1 (844) 368-6418.

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