Sport Classic Family


At the start of 2004 Ducati announced the birth of a new family of bikes that would take inspiration from the first, historic twin-cylinders created in the early '70s, the Sport Classic family.

This new range was divided into three distinct types, the Paul Smart Limited Edition (based on the stunning 750 SS Desmo of 1973), the Sport (with lines taken from the first single-seater twin-cylinder sports bike, the 1972 Sport) and the GT1000 (a revisiting of the Ducati's first twin-cylinder street bike, the 1971 750 GT). The three bikes were presented as a sort of "neoclassical" interpretation of the original twins, and would all be equipped with the highly efficient 1000 cc L-shaped twin-cylinder engine.

The Paul Smart was the first to be produced, as a limited run of 2250 units in 2006, followed by the Sport as a single-seater and two-seater version, and the GT1000, which, of the three, was produced in the largest numbers. The retro style of the three bikes was particularly appreciated by non-Italians while customers in Italy were most interested in the Paul Smart and the GT1000.

Production ended with the final units of the GT1000, built in 2010.