In the immediate post-war period, the Ducati production restarted, even thanks to the marketing of the Ducati micro-camera.

An advertising postcard of this period, depicting a Ducati radio.

In July 1949 Ducati started to manufacture the first real complete motorcycle: the Ducati 60.

The Ducati 60: the first concept of an inexpensive and reliable moped.

The first Ducati racing team in 1950. That year Ducati 60 and the bikes derived from it started to take part in the first endurance races, such as the famous Milan-Taranto.

From the ashes, a puppy is born
The Second World War was extremely hard on Ducati: the Borgo Panigale factories were razed to the ground in 1944. Fortunately, the Ducati brothers spent the duration of the war studying and planning new products to be introduced to world markets at the end of the conflict.

In 1946, the Cucciolo appeared: the small auxiliary motor for bicycles destined to become the most famous in the world. First sold in an assembly box to be attached to the bicycle, it soon acquired a frame of its own, which was constructed by Caproni in Trento (another famous brand in the aeronautical field) and based on a Capellino patent.

In a short time, the Cucciolo became a real miniature motorcycle.
Thank to the Cucciolo's success, and that of its descendants, Ducati became an affirmed trademark in the mechanical sector.

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