Ducati 98

The Ducati 98 may rightly be considered to be the first Ducati superbike.

The Ducati 98 was a truly versatile bike - the focus was on comfort and reliability, enhanced by the many different.

The 98 T was the low-cost version.

A rare photo of a 98 prototype that did not make it into production.

The 98 Sport was an upgraded version of the 98. Considered as a sort of superbike of the time, it took part in some editions of the Milano-Taranto and in the first two editions of the Motogiro d’Italia in 1953 and 1954.


The Ducati 98 was envisioned as a bare-bones low performance model.
It had a very logical design that aimed at offering drivers a simultaneously simple, durable and versatile machine.

After some work on the reliable but low-performance engine, success was achieved with two silver medals at the Welsh Six Days in 1964.



Technical specification