Desmosedici RR


In 2001 Ducati hit the headlines when it announced the launch of a project that would lead, in 2003, to its debut in the MotoGP championship: the Desmosedici.

The bike immediately proved to have extraordinary power and it was clear that the bike, born thanks to the brilliance of Filippo Preziosi, had everything needed to be a winning project. This impression became a reality when Capirossi won the first historic race at the 2003 Catalonia GP.

The following year, during WDW 2004, Federico Minoli, CEO of Ducati at that time, made an announcement that was met with great excitement by the Ducati fans: production of the road version of the Desmosedici, the "Desmosedici RR", would begin in 2006. 
Produced as a limited run of 1500 units, the Desmosedici RR is still now, almost ten years later, one of the most significant collectors items in the bike world.