Bruno Cavalieri Ducati's last official letter

Bruno Cavalieri Ducati

The founding brothers: Adriano, Bruno and Marcello Cavalieri Ducati.


On March 30, 2001, Bruno Cavalieri Ducati sent a theoretical letter to all the former employees of the Ducati of the late 1930s, the true golden era of the Bologna motorcycle maker.

His message, however, was actually intended for everyone who has contributed to Ducati's success over its 75 years history. Now, with Bruno's passing, this letter resounds almost as a spiritual testament and a strong reminder for all of us to persevere with courage and passion in this great enterprise begun so many years ago.
We hope that Bruno would have been pleased by the publication of this letter and know he is up there somewhere looking down on us.

Note: The "Tonino" referred to in the letter is his son Antonio, who came to Ducati to deliver his father's letter personally.


Dear Friends,

It is with great emotion that I think of you all and remember that fantastic page in my, in our history.

I have sent "Tony" to bring you these words of mine because only he can transmit them with all the warmth and affection that I feel for you.

Seventy years ago, with you and with so many others no longer with us, we created a concentrated sphere of invention, efficiency, ingenuity and humanity that seemed destined to resist all the effects of time and constantly renew itself thanks to new generations who propel it into a concrete and solid future.

It is clear that Adriano, Marcello and myself planted the first seed, but it is just as true that without you, your commitment, your capacity and your affection all would have been in vain.

I embrace you all in the name of our great family and invoke over all of you and your future the blessing of the Lord.