Ducati Milestones

The story of Ducati in 18 unforgettable and historical moments.

Fratelli Cavalieri Ducati
Foundation of the Company "Societa' Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati"

4 July 1926 Adriano Cavalieri Ducati, with his brothers Bruno and Marcello, founded the company "Società Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati". 10 years later, the factory in Borgo Panigale, Bologna, was inaugurated

The first engine made by Ducati

Created as a small engine that could be applied to any bike, the Cucciolo was the first Ducati motorcycle product and instantly became a social phenomenon: it had four strokes, two gears, reached 50 km/h and could travel 100 km with a litre of petrol. 

Taglioni e la Marianna
Ducati Meccanica is born and Fabio Taglioni designs the Marianna: the first racing motorcycle

The Ducati "Marianna" 98 cc was born in 1954 and was the first Ducati racing motorcycle, as well as the first one designed by Fabio Taglioni. In 1955 it faced and won its first Motogiro d'Italia: 3,438 km in 9 stages.

Introduction of the desmodromic valve system in Ducati engines

In 1956, Fabio Taglioni designed the 125 Trialbero Desmo, which used a "desmodromic" type of distribution. The 125 debuted and won at the track in Hedemora, Sweden. It was the beginning of the desmodronic age, which still lasts to this day.

A motorcycle dedicated to the american market

In 1962 the Ducati Scrambler was born, tailored specifically for the USA with its wide handlebars, dirt tires, teardrop tank and innovative colours.

200 Miglia di Imola
Victory of the Ducati 750 Desmo with Smart and Spaggiari

Based on the 750 twin-cylinder road bike, the 750 Desmo designed by Fabio Taglioni and ridden by Paul Smart and Bruno Spaggiari won the 200 Miglia di Imola in front of all the major brands of the time.

Tourist Trophy
Mike Hailwood triumphs with the 900 on the Isle of Man

On 2 June 1978, on the Isle of Man, the Ducati 900 Super Sport won the Formula 1 TT World Championship with English rider Mike Hailwood, relaunching the Ducati brand worldwide.

Rosso Ducati
The red of the 750 Paso becomes Ducati's colour

Ducati Red was born with the 750 Paso. It was the first Ducati designed by Massimo Tamburini, and was dedicated to the rider Renzo Pasolini, who died during the race in Monza in 1973; the bike marks the brand's entry into industrial design.

Superbike 1st victory
First race won by the 851 with Marco Lucchinelli

On 3 April 1988 at Donington, the 851 designed by Massimo Bordi and Gianluigi Mengoli and ridden by Marco Lucchinelli marked the triumphal entry of Ducati in the Superbike Championship reserved for "production-derived" bikes that are modified for racing.

Superbike World Champion
First world title with Roche on the 851

The Frenchman Raymond Roche won the first world title on a Ducati 851: the first in a long string of victories for the Ducati brand.

A revolution in the "naked" category

With the frame of the Superbike 851 and the engine of the 904 cc Desmodue, the Monster was born; it was designed by Miguel Galluzzi, founder of this type of bike, hereafter simply called "naked".

Ducati 916
Massimo Tamburini's winning masterpiece

Called "the most beautiful bike of the last 50 years", the Ducati 916 is Massimo Tamburini's masterpiece: a bike that is also a work of art.

Word Ducati Week
First major worldwide meeting of Ducatisti

Created as a way to thank Desmo fans, World Ducati Week immediately became a must for Ducati enthusiasts around the world.

Ducati Corse
Establishment of the new Ducati racing department

Ducati Corse is the department that manages Ducati's official competitions in the Superbike, Supersport, Superstock and MotoGp championships. Three teams work to get the racing motorcycles on the track and test new solutions.

MotoGP 1st victory
First race won by the desmosedici with Loris Capirossi

In Barcelona, on a Ducati Desmosedici, Loris Capirossi won the Catalunya Grand Prix: it was the first victory for an Italian bike in the premier class since 1976.

MotoGP World Champion
World title for Stoner and the Desmosedici

With three races to spare, Casey Stoner won the World Championship on the Ducati Desmosedici with an 800 cc engine.

The perfect synthesis of technology and design 

Thanks to the use of materials such as magnesium, titanium, carbon fibre and aluminium, the 1199 set a new standard of design and technology.

Scrambler Ducati
Birth of a new brand

Born in 2014 , the Ducati Scambler is the direct descendant of the first model of 1962, as if its production had never stopped.