Diavel Drag Nights:
The Diavel shows its stuff

July 9, 2012

Last month, Ducati dealerships in the South Central USA headed to the drag strip in force to see what the Diavel could do in the 1/4 mile. Here's what happened after the smoke settled...

Employees and customers from Advanced Motorsports, Ducati Austin, GoAZ Motorcycles, PJ's Motorcycles, Moto Europa, and Team Mancuso Powersports took their Diavels to local drag strips to get their speed fix. Their Diavels were not allowed to have wheelie bars, fuel system enhancements, modified swingarms, and needed naturally aspirated motors. After a few practice runs and melted tires, here's how things stacked up:

Dealership Top ET (Elapsed Time):
  • 1st: Marty Scribner from Advanced Motorsports, ET: 9.980
  • 2nd: Jeff Nash from Advanced Motorsports, ET: 10.383
  • 3rd: Carlos Lescale from Team Mancuso, ET: 10.413

Customer Top ET:

  • 1st: George Ionnou, ET: 10.935
  • 2nd: Joseph Anderson, ET: 11.246

Congratulations to these Diavel Drag Daredevils. To see more from Diavel Drag Nights, visit DucatiCommunity.com. Be sure to post your best, personal Diavel ET it you've been to the 'strip lately!

Check out one of Ducati Austin's runs:


Photo credits to Dustin Doskocil, www.doskophoto.com

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