Active Safety (ABS and DTC)


The importance of active safety

Raising the standard of active motorcycle safety is an absolute priority for Ducati.
Designing lightweight, easy-to-handle bikes which brake well is the main requirement for achieving this goal.

On top of this basic requirement there are highly effective devices which technology has placed at our disposal, contributing to greater active safety.

In a pioneering move, Ducati has adopted advanced braking systems, first of all ABS, which prevents the wheels locking in an emergency. Today all the Monster and Multistrada families' models are fitted with the anti-wheel locking system.

Another factor in our drive towards riding safety is undoubtedly provided by our traction control. In this case, the experience gained by Ducati Corse on the racing tracks has been made available to all motorcyclists for improved performance and above all, safety and better handling in everyday situations.

The Ducati Traction Control (DTC) is now standard on all Multistrada models - since it is an integral part of the riding modes - and some of the Superbike and Streetfighter families' models.