Your safety: our mission

Riding a motorcycle is the most exciting way to enjoy the road; offering the height of safety to bike riders is Ducati's commitment.
It is a commitment which takes us in various directions because motorcycle safety has many sides to it and we can only achieve our goals through well managed initiatives.

One side of our commitment is political. In fact, as members of the national and international motorcycle manufacturer associations (ANCMA and ACEM - respectively), we promote motorcycling as an asset for the present and future of transport to governments and help them make decisions which are sustainable for companies and motorcyclists.

Another side is our popular commitment, which aims to explain - also through these pages - that just a little effort to do the right thing is all that is needed to obtain a big reduction in the number of motorcycling accidents. In support of this, Ducati has organised its DRE courses on safe and sports riding for the past ten years, providing training about how to maintain better control of the bike in extreme conditions.

Finally, we make a technological commitment, on both active and passive safety aspects. Designing increasingly easy-to-handle bikes, which offer great control and reliability, not only increases riding pleasure, but also improves safety. Equipping bikes with advanced systems such as ABS and traction control raises safety standards even further.
And let's not forget the role of hi-tech clothing, with increasingly advanced protectors and materials designed to withstand impacts and scrapes.

Read this section of the site carefully, gather information about road safety and make your own personal contribution to the mission of motorcycling safety.