Protective gear


Riding without protective equipment is a risk which is simply not worth taking

The majority of passive safety in case of an accident is connected to the use of recommended protective clothing.

The evolution of the materials and technology used in this sector has enabled us to achieve results which were unimaginable until a few years ago. In relation to this, Ducati has decided to work alongside ACEM and promote the latest safety initiative set up by this major association, which consists of endorsing and distributing a simple guide to the importance of adequate protective gear for motorcycle riders.

For its part Ducati markets, via its own sales network, Ice-Key Ducati, a special wristband containing the possessor's personal and medical data, extremely useful in the event of an emergency.

Download and read the brochure carefully!Combining high safety standards and an unmistakeable style is the daily effort of the team who develop Ducati apparel.
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